Once upon a time...

On an October morning there came together a group of students, hoping to be doctors of tomorrow.

It was a strange amalgam of students from the length and breadth of the country.
All of them a little excited, a little anxious, huddled under one roof-the dissection hall.

As the unique concept of "Tablemates" developed, the drama unfolded.
Anxious moments disappeared; everybody made friends (some spouses).
Dissection hours became "muching" sessions, chemistry began to evolve in Biochem labs, and many a frogs turned out to be Princess Charming (and vice-versa).

Life was limited to Pond Ornithology.

The MICRO-world full of PATHOS and the drugs of choice-CRAMMOMYCIN and SLOGOMYCIN were popularly prescribed and they had their toxic effects too.
The journey through the eyes & ears was interesting & yet they knew that PREVENTION of diseases could leave them jobless.

Now they will be incising through SURGERY, deciphering heart beats in MEDICINE, bringing new life into the world in OBG.

Finally they stand, inspired and united, ready to step into the big world to face new challenges but always carrying with them...

...those everlasting MOMENTS they shared together.